Our specialties are

  • Galician turbot
  • Hake casserole
  • Halibut, sole, monkfish, grilled
  • Roast lamb
  • Tournedo "Comercio"
  • Cocochas with eels
  • Marinated clams
  • Lamprey
  • Grilled Scampi
  • Scallops, barnacles, bogabantes
  • All kinds of seasonal seafood
We have an extensive wine list, with representation from key appellations of origin.

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In our restaurant you can enjoy the most delicious specialties of the region of Galicia, as well as the most exquisite dishes from international cuisine

For an excellent location, very central, within walking distance of major tourist attractions in Pontevedra, is ideal for dinners, lunches and business meetings.

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